BIB Technologies specializes in building modular "business-in-a-box" with utilities and software that enable brands to operate turnkey - saving time to get up and running.
areas of innovation

Energy Storage

Enable businesses to own their own energy, energy security and control their utility bill by storing energy. Thereby improving renewable energy efficiency and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.

Energy Generation

Offset business utility costs by producing electricity on-site via solar panels. By reducing reliance on the grid, businesses would lower their operating costs and reduce carbon emissions footprint.

Smart BIB Box

The smart BIB Box is like an off-grid house where IoT, appliances, and HVAC are in-sync. Components are pre-configured with BIB software to provide a seamless experience for businesses and their end customers.
Design and engineering

Energy Storage

BIB's engineering team separated the drive train and smart BIB Box battery sources. Standard BIB Smart Box using LFP batteries lasts for 12 hours non-stop operation including HVAC temperature control. The BIB Smart Box is charged with a standard 110V outlet. With integrated solar panels for trickle charging the BIB Smart Box. Our drive trains are separate sources with optional a 10-33 KwH lithium base flat pack with optional energy storage up to 30 Kw.
Standard AUTOMATO packages come with optional 240V Level 2 charging. On average, gains ~50% charge in 1 hour on Level 2 charging. All battery packs undergo supplier safety testing on the cell (UL2580, 1973, IEC62619, CNS62619, UN38.3, UL9540A), module (UL1973, IEC62619, CNS62619, UN 38.3, UL9540A), and assembly levels including extreme temperature resilience.
Design and engineering

Energy Generation

BIB customers can generate their own energy through trickle solar charging. High efficiency and low on carbon, solar panels have high module conversion efficiency of up to 21.70%, low light performance with advanced glass and cell surface textured design, PID resistance guaranteeing limited power degredation and IP68 junction box.
We added solar to extended business operation and reduces business reliance on the grid. Through our case studies, in California we observe 2-3 hours/day extended. As California residents, we noticed increasing power outages. From 2018 to 2019, blackout events rose 50% from 19M to 28.4M customers impacted. HVAC utility rose +30.5% YoY and electricity prices +15% YoY.

AUTOMATO provides energy security.
BOlt-on smart bib box

We've built the customer experience for utility chassis.

Smart compartments secured with commercial grade locks that's cost-effective. We designed AUTOMATO to be managed alongside a brand's online store. We include inventory management, already integrated with Shopify.
Payment processing are PCI compliant by default to keep payment info and business data safe. Payment forms can are configured to enterprise - standard includes card (credit/debit), Apple Pay, Google Pay, Venmo, and PayPal.
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