Experienced Industry Veterans


BIB Technologies is bootstrapped to date backed by friends and family who believed in our mission. Our co-founders are dedicated full-time and we work in tight collaboration with a network of partners, contractors, and staff based in Los Angeles, CA.







Leadership Team

Founder and President

Deloss Pickett

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CEO and Co-Founder

Nanavati Low

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Software Engineering Advisor

John Tran

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Solar and Electrical Engineering Advisor

Steve Factor

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Comms Advisor

Gevrina Catalina

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Logistics Strategy Advisor

Derek Lossing

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Tax and business Transaction Attorney Advisor

Andrew Nishida

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Enterprise Sales and Customer Success Advisor

Blake Rodrigo

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Government Affairs and Public Policy Advisor

Antonia Marovic

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Global Logistics Advisor

Brittain Ladd

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Patent Counsel

Peter Weinstein

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Corporate Counsel

Matthew Field

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Enterprise Logistics Advisor

Ken Herrera

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Patent Advisory

Sean O'Keefe

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Multi-Disciplinary Backgrounds

BIB's seasoned and accomplished leadership are hand-selected based on their proven track record of success in their respective fields and deep industry understanding.

Individually, we proudly represent diverse backgrounds and work tirelessly to ensure that the company stays at the forefront of innovation, growth, and thought leadership. Our executive team is dedicated to creating meaningful value for our customers and shareholders.