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Revolutionary mobile store powered by solar and electricity. Because it's cost efficient and the right thing to do. AUTOMATO is designed for companies that aim to go further, faster.
Your Smart
Retail Store


150 mi
100 cu ft
Retail shelf-space
Avg cost to operate*
What I love most is that AUTOMATO is a new channel to enable growth for brands.

Brittain Ladd

Shatranj Capital Partners

A modular electric vehicle storefront that combines sustainability with automotive delivery to help address a changing economy.

Goldie Negelev

UC Berkeley IEOR

product in-stock

Inventory Management

Restock inventory as easy as drop-shipping eCommerce website. The smart locker-shelves remotely monitor when customers, with authorized QR codes, pick up their products.

Built-in latest technology for customer mobile point-of-sale transactions accepting digital payments including credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Venmo and more.

Optimized to make it easy for you to conduct business on the go with digital interface of sales.

Onboard Power Source

Operating like aTesla PowerWall, your mobile store includes an onboard generator for powering displays and equipment.

Never worry about running out of power with our onboard generator, capable of powering all of your displays and equipment.

Additional WiFi, electrical outlets, GPS tracking and remote monitoring enable you to keep track of your store's location and monitor its performance remotely with our easy-to-use mobile app.

Vehicle Servicing Package

Our customer success team will send you alerts when it's time for maintenance or service, so you can keep your store in top condition.

As part of our leasing plan, we provide maintenance monitoring packages with a combination of on-demand specialized mobile mechanics and nationwide servicing dealership network for larger intensive repairs.
HIgh-resolution DISPLAYS

Digital Advertising Billboards

Showcase your story and product with two highly interactive digital advertising billboards - allowing you to market and showcase both video and image content to passing traffic.

Our outdoor monitors feature high-resolution displays, ensuring that your content is crisp, clear, and highly visible. Easily upload and change out advertising content to fit your brand and promote different products.

And Receive Profits

Track and transfer your profits electronically through our integration with Shopify. We help setup your direct deposit and product dashboards deliver insights about your products' ongoing performance.
On-board utilities include
5 Electrical Outlets
Wi-Fi Router
Local Backup CPU Host
Real-Time SKU Updates
Security Cams
Bluetooth Sound System
Over-the-Air Updates

LOCKer-shelf stats

Locker-shelves on
Barcode scanners
1 on each side
Cubic feet storage space
in each locker-shelf

Working with Amazing Brands

BIB's electric vehicles are not only good for the environment but also provide a unique and modern look for your mobile store.

Customize your exterior design with our wrap team. Choose from a variety of colors and designs to make your mobile store stand out.

Pricing based on your needs


Coming soon. Lease with option to purchase at term's end.


All qualified companies have options in financing. Qualifies for auto and business loans.

Fleet Purchase

Purchase at wholesale pricing.

Base Price
Turnkey Mobile Store
Refrigeration and temperature monitor
Customizable Locker Shelves
5 Electrical Outlets
Connect to Shopify
2 Security Cameras
Inventory Management
Local CPU Host
Sound System
Contactless Payments
Over-the-air Updates
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You have questions? We have answers.

Mobile Store FAQs

How does AUTOMATO work?

AUTOMATO is a fully equipped mobile store that is ready to selling products. It comes with all the necessary equipment and features making it easy for businesses and entrepreneurs to set up and operate their own kiosk store.

How long does it take to get my mobile store?

Upon your initial deposit and executed financial agreement, we'll coordinate with you to deliver at address in 120-140 days.

Where can you park and sell product?

You can market and sell your products from any parking spot, meter and sidewalk. All BIB Technologies' mobile stores are sanctioned with license and permits in the county of Los Angeles and surrounding cities.

Can customers take more than 1 item from the shelf?

When a customer picks up their product, the scanner authorizes their receipt and confirms with livestream camera's computer vision.

Brand ambassadors offer a secondary layer of security with bonus of creating memorable experiences and premium customer service.

Can I custom wrap the vehicle with my logo and design?

Yes think of the mobile store as a vehicle. Our creative team works with your designers to include your logo and designs. We have a network of professional wrap services who's worked on exotic cars, Red Bull performance cars and TV shows like Shark Tank.

Is this street legal?

Yes the mobile store is street legal. It is not permitted for highways.

Do you include the software as part of the service?

Yes we include Shopify ecommerce domain and ecommerce for your brand to upload your product details.

Do you work with delivery apps?

Yes drivers can organize and store multiple products in temperature control to more efficiently and quickly respond to customer requests.

Can I have a brand ambassador?

Yes consider the mobile store as your ultra mobile pop-up store. Your brand ambassadors can share your story and can answer questions about your product.

Is training provided?

Yes, in-person and virtual training is provided to ensure that all businesses are equipped with the knowledge and skills to operate and maintain the mobile store effectively. Online support is also available throughout the setup and operation process.

What are the benefits?

AUTOMATO has several key benefits including low startup costs, flexibility in location, and ability to tap into the growing demand for convenient vending options. It also provides an opportunity for businesses to tap into pop-up stores with a proven business model.

Can I customize the store?

Yes the AUTOMATO mobile store can be customized to reflect your brand. Our design and wrap teams will work closely with you to ensure that the store design and features align with your vision.

How long does it take to set up?

Yes consider the mobile store as your ultra mobile pop-up store. Your brand ambassadors can share your story and can answer questions about your product.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions or need more information, please don't hesitate to contact us at We're here to help grow your business.