Lease for $3000/mo
Deposit $1000
Minimum 12 months
The future
Powered by solar and electricity because its cost efficient AND the right thing to do. Our mobile real estate platforms are designed for companies that aim to go further, faster.


150 mi
100 cu ft
Retail shelf-space
Avg cost to operate*
Our electric vehicles are not only good for the environment but also provide a unique and modern look for your mobile store.

Customize both interior and exterior design. Choose from a variety of colors and designs to make your mobile store stand out on the street.

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Inventory Management

Restock inventory as easy as drop-shipping eCommerce website. The smart locker-shelves remotely monitor when customers, with authorized QR codes, pick up their products.

Built-in latest technology for customer mobile point-of-sale transactions accepting digital payments including credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Venmo and more.

Optimized to make it easy for you to conduct business on the go with digital interface of sales.

Onboard Power Source

Operating like aTesla PowerWall, your mobile store includes an onboard generator for powering displays and equipment.

Never worry about running out of power with our onboard generator, capable of powering all of your displays and equipment.

Additional WiFi, electrical outlets, GPS tracking and remote monitoring enable you to keep track of your store's location and monitor its performance remotely with our easy-to-use mobile app.

Vehicle Servicing Package

Our customer success team will send you alerts when it's time for maintenance or service, so you can keep your store in top condition.

As part of our leasing plan, we provide maintenance monitoring packages with a combination of on-demand specialized mobile mechanics and nationwide servicing dealership network for larger intensive repairs.
HIgh-resolution DISPLAYS

Digital Advertising Billboards

Showcase your story and product with two highly interactive digital advertising billboards - allowing you to market and showcase both video and image content to passing traffic.

Our outdoor monitors feature high-resolution displays, ensuring that your content is crisp, clear, and highly visible. Easily upload and change out advertising content to fit your brand and promote different products.
On-board utilities include
5 Electrical Outlets
Wi-Fi Router
Local Backup CPU Host
Real-Time SKU Updates
Security Cams
Bluetooth Sound System
Over-the-Air Updates

LOCKer-shelf stats

Locker-shelves on
Barcode scanners
1 on each side
Cubic feet storage space
in each locker-shelf