We're on a mission to create new ways for businesses to connect with consumers through sustainable mobile platforms.


Founded by Tesla, SpaceX, Amazon, SolarCity and Red Bull alums. Based in Los Angeles, our team is dedicated to positively impacting the environment and helping businesses thrive in the process.

It all started with a dessert craving.

Seriously. Our story starts 9 years ago...

March 2014
Deloss dreams of building a mobile storefronts with utilities. His wife loves the idea and craves froyo as she’s pregnant with their first child.
October 2018
BIB Technologies forms. The world’s first all-electric, self-powered food truck is built called FRO.
March 2020
Project Hotbox, in partnership with Archimoto (FUV) starts market testing for delivery application.

Hotbox is the world’s first auto-cycle EV with commercial heat system

May 2020
Deloss meets Nana while serving FRO. Impressed with the delicious dessert and story, she shortly joins as an angel investor.
June 2020
Los Angeles shuts down food trucks and restaurants due to pandemic.
January 2021
Deloss and Nana assemble team to work on ambitious turnkey EV store, AUTOMATO, using the core elements from FRO and Project HotBox.
March 2021
Mar 2021 - Team builds world’s first all-electric Klear (TM) locker system called AUTOMATO MVP with solar, energy storage with an EV chassis.
November 2021
Team market tests AUTOMATO IoT locker system and e-commerce integration.
January 2022
AUTOMATO is officially unveiled at CES with innovative partners.
August 2022
Nana transitions to BIB Technologies full time as co-founder.
September 2022
USPTO officially awards patents to BIB Technologies.
November 2022
BIB Technologies forms enterprise partnerships in retail and beverage industries.
BIB continues to grow with contracts secured at Los Angeles Natural History Museum and La Brea Tar Pits and Museum.

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