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Put your brand at busy LA locations. Showcase your products and reach more customers.

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"AUTOMATO impressively sold out cans at our motorcross Straight Rhythm event in Huntington Pier."

Rafael Marino

Red Bull, On Premise Event Manager

"The killer value proposition is getting brands to notable events/locations that are financially or bureaucratically costly to do on their own, while also having a channel format that gets attention and curiosity."

Kai Pham

FS Drinks, CEO

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Shelf Leasing Process

LA Brands Only

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You have questions? We have answers.

Mobile Store FAQs

Which brands have leased locker shelves for advertising and sales?

AUTOMATO has worked with growing and enterprise brands and retailers including Liquid Death, Red Bull, and PATH water.

What’s the dimensions of each locker shelf?

1 cubic feet (12in x 12inx 12in) per locker for product dimensions. 

What products do you accept? 

We currently only work with LA based brands that are shelf stable minimum 2 weeks. No refrigeration 24/7. 

Where will the AUTOMATO be located? 

Downtown LA (USC), Museum Row (Fairfax District) and Santa Monica. If you’d like to submit your location as a partnership, please fill out a contact form here.

Are we able to do demos and showcase our products? 

Yes historically we’ve seen demoing increases sales to 40% acquisition to purchase.  

How frequently do I receive customer data who purchased my products?

We encourage following up with customers who purchase or trial your products. You’ll receive their Full name and email along with which SKU they purchased and when. Given their explicit consent we’ll include the customer’s phone number. 

How do I pick up the rest of my extra inventory after my subscription ends? 

We only work with LA brands. A member of your team will need to pick up at our warehouse once the trial ends. 

Do I need to dropoff my product when my subscription starts?

Yes we encourage a member of your to dropoff product in the field. We will remotely open the locker for you. 

Do you have refrigeration?

Yes we will have refrigeration onboard at AUTOMATO if your product is best served chilled. 

Do you have a store with heat storage?

Yes we have a smaller trike EV store called “Hot Box” jointly built with publicly traded company, Archimoto. We’ve leased it to pizza companies. Please contact us with subject title “Hot Box.”

Do you have a store with freezing storage? 

No freezer store is available at this time. 

Do you have additional storage space if I send more product?

If your locker is maxed out with what’s available to serve to the public, we’ll coordinate adding a second locker shelf to your account. 

What products historically sell well?

At our current partner locations convenience items - beverage followed by snacks and instant meals with little or no preparation. For cosmetics and soft good products (eg. textile, shirts) please schedule a demo call with our sales team.

How long is my locker shelf rental valid for?

Pay a daily rate $25/day. We sign a minimum 20 days.  

What can I customize on my dedicated webpage?

You can customize the page URL, product name, product image, product description, price, button color, webpage background, discounted price, retail price, image and video assets.

Can I change the price of my product? 

Yes we can change it in real-time.