Darkstore AUTOMATO Electric Vehicle Debuts Interactive Demo Booth at CES 2022 with Tropos Motors and Pathwater

January 5, 2022

LAS VEGAS, NV (JANUARY 5, 2021) — BIB Technologies, in collaboration with Tropos Technologies and Pathwater, announced the introduction of a smart electric vehicle platform called AUTOMATO.


The AUTOMATO is a self-sufficient, modular electric vehicle storefront fully equipped with self-contained internet, electricity, heating/cooling, and self-service payment processing. 

Built on the Tropos ABLE (™) flexible truck chassis, the AUTOMATO is a street legal vehicle that in the near future will be empowered with Perrone Robotics' TONY AV retrofit. The vehicle is distributing custom edition Pathwater bottles for attendees at Perrone Robotic’s CES Booth “Innovation Alley'' demonstration track located at booth WP-8 outside the West Hall on Wednesday, Jan. 5 - Friday, Jan. 7 from 10 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. PST.

The AUTOMATO enables companies to showcase their products as pop-up locations, mobile second stores and build direct-to-consumer relationships with their customers with subscription plans that include insurance, IoT hardware, and street permits for food delivery, electronics, and more. Equipped with lithium-ion batteries with a built-in battery management system, solar roof as an additional power source, the IoT layer includes multiple applications to monitor driver safety, cargo security, vehicle maintenance, cost and energy utilization, and other key business metrics use cases. 


In strategic partnership alliance, BIB Technologies announces the opening of a reservation list (https://www.ces2022.store/) for 100 Launch Edition AUTOMATOs. Learn more about AUTOMATO subscription plan, use cases and the reservation list at www.evbib.com. AUTOMATO electric vehicle will be on display at Perrone Robotic’s Booth and Track “the Innovation Alley” located at WP-8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center West Hall during CES 2022.  

About BIB Technologies

Based in Los Angeles, BIB Technologies develops modular electric vehicle storefronts by combining the future of sustainability, automotive delivery, and storefront pickup into one package. Our flagship EV, “AUTOMATO” (a homage to the Automat from the early 1920-30s in America), enables companies to showcase their products and build relationships with their customers. Vehicle subscriptions include insurance, street permit for food, electronics, and more at a fraction of the cost of a second store. We integrate state of the art lithium-ion batteries with a built-in battery management system, solar roof as an additional power source, SaaS software including contactless plug-and-play ordering and pickup, and provide energy storage similar to the Tesla Powerwall. Our vision is to empower businesses to utilize clean energy to revolutionize food and retail industries while fighting global food insecurity. Learn more at www.evbib.com. 

About Tropos

Tropos Technologies, Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based startup that manufacturers and distributes all-electric, street-legal vehicles, specializing in utility e-LSVs – electric low-speed vehicles – and trucks under the Tropos Motors brand. These vehicles are designed for corporate, fleet, first-responder, agriculture, last-mile delivery, and construction applications. Tropos employs the latest EV technology, experienced engineering, and modern design aesthetics. The Tropos Motors ABLE™ is a full line of durable, versatile, and available eCUVs (electric Compact Utility Vehicles). The Tropos Motors product line is capable of handling large payloads and towing capacities and can operate in extremely tight quarters with a short wheelbase and turning radius. Tropos Motors eCUVs can be operated indoors, outdoors, and off-road. Available in countless configurations, their trucks are ready to work as hard as you do, no matter the job. For more information, please visit http://tropostech.com.

About PATH

PATH is the only bottled water company in the industry that offers electrolyte-enhanced purified water in a 100% refillable and sustainable aluminum bottle. PATH provides the convenience of bottled water, a healthy alternative to sugary beverages and is leading the fight against single-use plastic bottles that are harmful to our planet.

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