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BIB Technologies and Red Bull Partner to exclusively showcase the future of consumer activations through the AUTOMATO

October 15, 2022

AUTOMATO at Red Bull Straight Rhythm

AUTOMATO is the world's first self-powered mobile storefront running on clean energy - with its proprietary technology and platform for remote activations. Powered by BiB Technologies (website), a Los Angeles-based startup, AUTOMATO enables innovative brands to achieve a competitive edge by delivering a quality shopping experience wherever their customer wants. 

After a three-year hiatus, Red Bull Straight Rhythm featured an exciting roster of 32 riders on 2-strokes going head-to-head racing on a half-mile rhythm course on the sandy coast of Huntington Beach. 

Stationed beach-side next to the Grand Stands, fans can purchase their favorite Red Bull energy drink editions: Red Bull Sugarfree, Red Bull Red Edition Watermelon, and Red Bull Yellow Edition Tropical on their mobile device web experience. Upon purchase, customers will scan their corresponding confirmation code at AUTOMATO to unlock their designated compartment. Additionally, customers who prefer in-person purchases will be able to do so with on-site staff.

AUTOMATO’s mission is to revolutionize the retail industry through its breakthrough mobile activation solution, valuing customer independence.

“We’re excited to partner with Red Bull to accelerate self-service and green energy adoption placed in high foot traffic, easily accessible locations,” states Nanavati Low, COO/Co-founder of BIB Technologies. “Combining e-commerce technologies with mobile real estate scales brand reach, sales, and visibility.”

Deloss Pickett, CEO/Co-founder of BIB Technologies, “Red Bull gives you wiiings and combining with AUTOMATO offers brands a sustainable platform through clean energy helps better our planet, together.”

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