BIB Technologies and CryoX Showcases Integrated Technology at Curbivore Conference in Los Angeles

April 2, 2024

CryoX on AUTOMATO EV Pop-up Store

BIB Technologies, a leader in modular electric vehicle storefronts, and CryoX, an innovative cooling technology company, unveiled an integrated CryoSkin, a radiative cooling-enhanced material, to the AUTOMATO pop-up store at the Curbivore Conference in Downtown LA's Arts District on March 28-29.

The partnership between BIB Technologies and CryoX focuses on quantifying further energy savings for each mobile storefront by decreasing the temperature inside the interior compartment spaces. This strategic approach aims to optimize energy usage for HVAC refrigeration, reducing costs and enhancing sustainability for businesses utilizing the integrated technology.

At Curbivore, attendees saw firsthand how both integrated technologies improve energy efficiency in the mobile retail landscape. The public display showcases BIB Technologies' electric vehicle storefronts equipped with CryoX's cooling solutions, demonstrating how businesses can operate mobile stores with enhanced sustainability and operational efficiency.

"Each AUTOMATO store has CryoSkin vinyl on their exterior roofing. Through our partnership we’re assessing the application of CryoSkin to reduce surface and interior temperatures to improve outdoor business refrigeration efficiency, and ultimately decrease the energy consumption for commercial use cases like AUTOMATO’s refrigeration and electronics system," said Jordan Fourcher, CEO of CryoX. 

Nanavati Low, CEO of BIB Technologies, "We anticipate that CryoSkin will demonstrate durability and effectiveness across various environmental outdoor conditions, making it suitable for food trucks and BIB’s mobile store applications. This partnership represents a significant step towards creating a more sustainable and efficient future for mobile retail operations." 

The public demonstration at the Curbivore Conference highlights the seamless integration of BIB Technologies' electric vehicle storefronts with CryoX's cooling technology, offering attendees a glimpse into the future of sustainable delivery, food truck sustainability, and mobile commercialized retail experiences.

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About BIB Technologies:

Based in Los Angeles, BIB Technologies specializes in developing patented electric vehicle storefronts that combine sustainability and automotive delivery innovation.

About CryoX:

Based in Arizona, CryoX is the world's first consumer-facing radiative cooling company. They build passive cooling technology that can cool any outdoor object by 15 ℉ without electricity. To learn more contact

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