AUTOMATO and PATH Water Launches Marketing Campaign at Historic SuperBowl LVI

February 13, 2022

SoFi Stadium, California

AUTOMATO, the electric mobile store with refrigeration, partners with PATH Water for historic Superbowl LVI

Action Packed Marketing LA Rams and Cincinnati Bengals Superbowl

Los Angeles, CA - AUTOMATO, BIB Technologies' revolutionary electric mobile store with refrigeration, has partnered with PATH Water to bring convenience and sustainability to the historic Superbowl LVI. The partnership allowed AUTOMATO to serve north of 500 customers in just under 30 minutes at the SoFi Stadium, providing them with both hydration and refreshments.

The collaboration between BIB Technologies and PATH Water was a great success following CES 2022, offering their joint customers a unique and eco-friendly shopping experience. The electric mobile store, equipped with refrigeration, enabled both LA Rams and Cincinnati Bengal fans to purchase chilled drinks and snacks while reducing carbon emissions. PATH Water, known for its commitment to sustainability, provided customers with refreshing and healthy options for hydration.

"We are thrilled to have partnered with PATH Water for this historic event," said Deloss Pickett, CEO of BIB Technologies. "Together, we were able to offer an unparalleled shopping experience to Superbowl LVI attendees while also promoting sustainability. We look forward to continuing our partnership and bringing our electric mobile store to more events in the future."

About BIB Technologies:

BIB Technologies' flagship product is AUTOMATO, an electric mobile store with refrigeration that offers convenience and sustainability to customers. The store features a wide range of products, including snacks, drinks, and other essentials, all of which are chilled and ready to enjoy. Learn more at

About PATH Water:

PATH Water is a leading provider of sustainable and healthy hydration options. The company is committed to reducing plastic waste and promoting environmental conservation. Learn more at

For more information on Automato and PATH Water, please visit their websites.

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