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Surprise your guests with a compact, innovative experience. Our desserts are 100% vegan, and our trucks are 100% clean energy.

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About our Fleet

Each of our trucks is powered by electricity and solar energy. They're equipped with a soft serve machine that can carry up to two flavors. There will be a team on-premise to serve your guests FRO.

Our Menu Loadout

Fresh Strawberry

Made with Organic Fresh Strawberries

Fresh Mango

Made with Organic Fresh Mangoes

Rainbow (Strawberry + Mango)

Our Fan Favorite. The combination of fresh strawberries and mangoes can't be beat!


Our toppings bar includes: Fresh-cut Strawberries, Fresh-cut Mangoes, Almonds, Coconuts, Gummy Bears, and Tajin Nuggets

Squeaky Clean Just Like Our Energy

Every FRO TRUCK team member is trained in food safety & provides contactless service at every stop.

Hygiene & Protection

Employees must wash hands with soap and hot water every 30 minutes and use a new pair of single use gloves for each service. Masks will be worn as appropriate.

Contactless Payment

Customers are urged to use debit or credit cards to dip, tap, or swipe for on-site payments. Cash is accepted, but discouraged.

Service Area

We currently service metro Los Angeles. Additional service areas are available depending on availability.


FRO reservations are on a first-come, first served basis.


To reserve us, we'll need a $500 deposit.
We accept credit card, check, Venmo, or Zelle
You are responsible for any location permits. We got the rest!
Our truck serves a minimum of 60 servings.
Prices, terms, and conditions are subject to Change

Space Requirements

Our team requires around 30 minutes ahead of your event to setup our serving area.
The truck requires 10 feet length, with 6.5 feet overhead clearance, and 5 feet wide clearance. We're about the size of a large golf cart.
The store must be parked on a firm, level surface.